“Apogee, Perigee” available now.

Apogee, Perigee cover art

The Orchid’s sophomore LP is now available exclusively on Bandcamp. Six songs exploring the theme of isolation for at least $8.00.

Apogee, Perigee sees the band pushing its increasingly complex arrangements and instrumentation to the extremes: its wall of sound assault has become more aggressive and anthemic and its quieter passages more delicate and nuanced. Again a five-piece, The Orchid partnered with producer and engineer Kenny Eaton, recording at his Mystery Ton Studios in rural Maryland.

From the massive, three-guitar assault of album opener, The Astronaut (Escape Velocity), to the haunting, suffocating sparseness of the closing Life in Retrograde, the album weaves together influences ranging from Morricone’s Spaghetti Western soundscapes to DC-infused punk and math rock. The album moves effortlessly from crushing rhythms to delicate, intertwined arpeggiated guitars—often within a single song.

Available now in a variety of digital formats exclusively on Bandcamp. Get your copy today.